Where in the WORLD is Wally?

Introducing the Exciting NEW magnetic visual aids to engage your learners

Series by Magwall in association with Leo’s Puppet Shows & Educational Supplies

EXCITING NEWS – We are launching our brand NEW Puppet Shows and Magnetic series on Where in the World is Wally?” Magnets will cover the animal, attractions, cultures, flags, food, and people. Collect them all and get the Magnetic World Map FREE.

Book a Puppet Show?

Book a Visit from Wally the Ventriloquist Puppet and his friends: Bookings@Leos.co.za

What You Do

Order all 12 Countries to get the World Map puzzle FREE. South Africa will be available seperately

What Subjects?

  • Magnets will cover: animals, culture, flag, food, people and special attraction.

Passport to Learning

Get your Passport stamped as you collect your magnets.