Puppetry Workshops

We are offering customised Puppetry Workshops for adults, teachers, and older learners as an add-on to our puppet shows or as a team-building and learning activity. Sharing our knowledge and many years of experience the workshops will also cover many aspects of drama and theatrical pointers, including:- 5 Reasons to Laugh More / Engaging an audience / Building a character / Making a Sock Puppet / Music and Story Telling / Stage and Props / The Art of Puppetry / Theatre Etiquette / Voices and Ventriloquism, and Puppets in the Classroom.

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Research shows that using puppets in education has many benefits, especially with language skills. Children can practice their oral speaking skills by telling a story to a puppet or explaining words or expressions. If the puppet is “confused” and doesn’t understand something, the child can explain and show the puppet what he has learned. A 2015 study investigated the learning impact of puppets in a kindergarten classroom. Their findings showed a tremendous impact of puppet use on a child’s education. The puppet helped to motivate students and involve them in the learning process, it created an emotional relationship with students and added a playful mood to the learning environment. Additionally, the puppet enabled teachers to elaborate more on the topic they were covering, have more direct conversations with students and maintain positive behavior in the classroom (Ronit, 2015).
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