Growing up as a child I was exposed to puppetry when my younger brother Shane received a Pelham Puppet as a Christmas present.  My dad ‘Tiny’ Steenkamp soon became hooked on puppets which led to more attributions of both marionette and ventriloquist dolls.  Tiny even went so far as the have a Vent Doll made in the image of one of his clients…  ‘He’ has now been transformed to a ‘she’… almost 30 years later and “Dolly” entertains at adult parties and at homes for the aged.  As a family we did charity shows for homes and on caravan rallies for many year.

In 1992, my dad announced that the Puppets were on the market, which devastated me and it was then that I decided it was time to do something with these little guys.  I launched my first show at the end of 1992, and Dad and I did a few schools together. Slowly the stage was re-built, mobile equipment made, a mini-piano and numerous props.  I built a pretty successful little business travelling to schools and doing birthday parties. Dad often did Soirees where he sang and I entertained the ‘oldies’ with Leo and Dolly the drama queen… Debbie&Dolly2

In 2004, we lost our eldest son in a climbing accident, which of course took its toll on our family and on my outlook in life.  Three years later we decided to re-locate to the Lowveld and spent a number of years running a Resort in the most beautiful, tranquil surroundings on the top of a mountain away from the ‘real’ world.  Being 12 km out of town and up a mountain proved quite difficult getting up and down, especially after a good downpour – so as a caravan park it was not working so well.  After starting a publications and spending a total of 8 years in Nelspruit, I received a book prize at a meeting called “Living your Passion”…  and realised then that this is what I was not doing! I decided to go back to Gauteng which of course is where the majority of the market is and bring the puppets back to life, entertaining and bringing joy and laughter to both young and old nationwide…

2016 – led to new ideas, new shows, a LED Screen with animated images, new amplification, lighting, curtains and a renewed spark for this amazing God given gift..I pray that the Lord spares me for many years to continue this legacy for as long as I possibly can.

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REVIEW: “I won this as a prize. They gave the show for my daughter’s second birthday. I was so incredibly impressed. The kids loved every second. It is a very interactive show with amazing props. They are so friendly and professional and it is an absolute treat for the children. If you want to do something special for your child I would highly recommend getting them to do a show for you. Thank you so much for making my daughter’s birthday one she will remember.”